Customer Testimonials & Reviews


THE BEST product available!

So user friendly, so convenient. I will never stop using this- the iPhone app is just as easy to use with no duplicate picts! seems to good to be true but its not! Now all of my 6,000 photos are safe and sound on the memory stick in my fire safe box!


Never disappoints.

I LOVE picturekeeper and the support!!! Never disappoints and I make sure to tell everyone I can! Thanks Vanessa!


I love it!

So far this is a fantastic item and i would recomend it to anyone anytime

Grace Sutherland


EASY and PORTABLE way to save photos!

Absolutely LOVED this little gadget. Used to consolidate 3 separate computers photos into one little gadget. Super easy to use, even someone lacking computer knowledge can use it. Just plug it in and let it do its work. Love the little pop up for reminder of monthly 'backup' of your photos. Would definitely recommend this product.

Jennifer R

Just what I needed...

After both my wife and I lost digital images due to problems with our current backup system, I am delighted to find a device that automatically takes care of preserving our images. And it's PC + Mac-friendly. Why didn't someone think of this before?

Peter O

A company who values support.

Very good support, and customer service. Nice to know that companies still value this, as many do not anymore, or send the Customer service to another country.

Dawn N