Picture Keeper

Crashed computers rob you of more than just hardware—they take with them irreplaceable photos and memories. Picture Keeper offers an easy solution to your computer backup needs. 

Backup is as simple as plugging the Picture Keeper into a USB port and clicking the Start Backup prompt. The computer backup goes to work automatically, seeking out and storing your family photos. No need to install software, select folders or drag-and-drop files—the Picture Keeper does all the work for you. 

With each new computer backup, the Picture Keeper remembers where your last backup ended, and only downloads new photos, skipping duplicate photos to maximize storage space. 

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Amazing Features of Picture Keeper:

  • 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB storage options
  • Automatic Backup of your favorite photos
  • Skips duplicate photos
  • Easily restores photos to other computers
  • Easily shares your photos with family and friends
  • Works with digital photo frames
  • Protects photos from Facebook and backup email attachments.
Unlike cloud storage, the PK can be used anywhere, with or without an internet connection. You pay no monthly fees, and can use it with multiple computers. Discover the security of storing all your photos in a single secure, easily accessed location.

Need More Space? No Problem!

If you need more than 32GB, Picture Keeper has a computer backup solution for you. Our easy estimator tool will assist in choosing a Picture Keeper that works for your photo library.

Get started with the PK 4! 
The PK 4 is PERFECT for someone who has never backed up before. Let the PK 4 do all of the guesswork for you. Picture Keeper truly is the easy photo backup SOLUTION. The PK 4 holds an average 2,000 photos! It is perfect for backing up big events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations and more!

The PK 4 comes loaded with the Picture Keeper software: Just click ‘Start Backup’ and watch Picture Keeper do all of the work for you! Automatically finds and saves photos from your computer while skipping duplicates. Did your PK 4 run out of space? Just plug in another! Picture Keeper picks up where the last one left off!