Picture Keeper Pro 500 GB

Imagine all your important files gone—wiped out by fire, an electrical surge, viral attack, or physical damage. Without a backup, you’ve lost everything. If you’re an individual, your most precious memories, photos, and videos just got wiped out. If you run a business, you’ve lost all your valuable information, proprietary files, records, and documents.

Many people run this risk every day, because most computer backup solutions are complicated and time-consuming. Picture Keeper Pro offers a better way.

Picture Keeper Pro makes backing up computer files a snap! Simply connect the compact drive to your computer’s USB port, click Start Backup, and let the easy transfer of files begin. Like Picture Keeper Connect, Picture Keeper Pro will not duplicate files from previous backups, saving only new or modified files.

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Who Uses Picture Keeper Pro 500 GB?

  • Amateur and professional photographers

  • Artists and writers

  • Families

  • Graphic designers

  • Lawyers

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Small business owners

  • And anyone concerned with the safety of their files and photos.

Multiple Computer Solutions

Boasting an impressive 500 GB of memory, Picture Keeper Pro can back up files from multiple devices. Each device is assigned its own folder, making it easy to restore files or update to new devices.

Online File Backups

With today’s many forms of social media and online applications, you may have important files stored on multiple platforms across the internet. Picture Keeper Pro includes the option of backing up from email inboxes, Facebook, and many other online file locations, allowing you to gather all your files in a single secure location.

Offline Security

Unless you’re backing up from online sources, Picture Keeper Pro runs without the need for an internet connection. Losing connection won’t interfere with your backup at all. In cases where an outside influence might compromise your data, you can cut the internet connection while the backup is in progress for a safe, secure transfer of files.

The Picture Keeper Pro Difference

  • No software to install, wires to connect, or passwords to remember

  • No monthly fees

  • Works with all photo organizing software

  • When one Picture Keeper Pro fills, add another and the second picks up where the first left off

  • Multiple device backups and organization

  • An internet-free backup solution you can use anywhere.

  • Backs up photos, videos, music and documents

  • Compatible with Mac and PC systems.

What Size Do I Need?

Not sure what size device you need? Don’t worry! Our easy estimator tool will assist in choosing a Picture Keeper that will work for your photo library.

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