Picture Keeper Mobile FAQ

Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

After pressing Start Backup, I get a message stating that the Mobile Agent is NOT found?

The Picture Keeper App works best after you have downloaded the FREE Picture Keeper Mobile Helper. This Helper needs to be downloaded and run on your computer from www.picturekeeper.com/apps. Please download the correct version for either your Windows or Mac computer.

After the download, you need to run the Helper. You can verify that the Helper is running by looking for the red PK icon on your Windows task bar or Mac computer's dock.

I’m on Wi-Fi but the Picture Keeper App still can’t find my computer?

Please check to see that your computer and your iPhone/iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If they are, please try re-booting your device and your computer. Please be aware that if you are on a shared wifi hotspot like you find at hotels and restaurants, the firewall will usually not allow devices to communicate with each other, just between the device and the Internet. If you are on your own network and still have trouble please contact us at support@picturekeeper.com or call 877-382-0949

Can I use the app while I'm at Starbucks?

No, Starbucks' free Wi-Fi only allows you to download from their internet and not upload. For the app to transfer your mobile photos to your computer it needs to upload them to the Wi-Fi where the Mobile helper can retrieve them.

What is a Mobile Helper?

Important! You can't use our PK Mobile App without our free Mobile Helper.The Mobile Helper is a program that assists in the transfer of pictures from your smart device to your computer. Without the Mobile Helper your PK Mobile App is unable to connect to your computer. This is a one time installation. During backup both your computer and smart device must be on the same Wi-Fi network. Go to www.picturekeeper.com/apps to download our Picture Keeper Mobile Helper.

Where can I purchase a Picture Keeper?

You can purchase a Picture Keeper at www.picturekeeper.com. This simple photo backup comes in a variety of sizes and can protect all your computer's irreplaceable photos. Just plug it in and it finds your pictures for you! It’s perfect for sharing and preserving your favorite memories.