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Protect your precious memories and free up space for more with Picture Keeper! Now you can backup those thousands of photos on your smartphone, tablet and computer – safely and securely. Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves your pictures for you while skipping duplicates! Just plug it in, and it does the work for you! 

Picture Keeper Connect - Tired of seeing that can't take photo, out of storage message on your phone? Running out of data? Back up your photos, videos and contacts on your Apple or Android smartphone and free up space for more with Picture Keeeper Connect! No Wifi Needed! Picture Keeper Connect also works on Apple and Android tablets as well as your Mac or PC computer to be able to easily transfer between devices! 

Picture Keeper - Are you photos scattered all over your computer and it's just too much of time and hassle to back them up? We want to help you by protecting your precious photos with a simple solution. Back up your photos on your Mac or PC computer by simply plugging in Picture Keeper, clicking "start backup," and letting it do the rest of the work for you!  

Picture Keeper Pro- Your computer contains some of your most important files! Get peace of mind from computer crashes knowing everything is safe and secure with Picture Keeper Pro! Back up your photos, videos, music and documents on your Mac or PC comptuer with one click! 

Order your drive today and make sure your irreplaceable memories are safe with a secure, trusted backup solution from Picture Keeper.

Want more information on how each back up works? Click here to watch how easy it is to protect your memories!

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* Based on average jpg size of 1MB per picture