Featured Series

If you’ve been seeing #MyFavoritePhoto on social media or reading our blog post series, you may be wondering what this #myfavoritephoto is all about. Everybody has a favorite photo with a story behind it, and it would be devastating if you lost that photo! At Picture Keeper, we protect your memories so you never lose that photo, but we want to hear the story behind it too! What photo comes to mind when you think of #MyFavoritePhoto? Do you have a special photo that takes you down memory lane?

What We Need from You

Simply identify your favorite photo - that one photo that you are proud to share its story of what it means to you and why. Now, submit that photo and your story to us at marketing@picturekeeper.com for a chance to be featured!

What's in it for you?

When you submit your #MyFavoritePhoto, we will give you a special code for 50% OFF to use on our site! Each week, we will choose one entry to be featured. The person's photo and story who gets chosen to be featured will receive $25 to use on our site!

Need an idea?

Check out what stories and photos have been features so far on our blog!

We can't wait to see your #MyFavoritePhoto and hear the stories that go with them! 

Submit your photos/stories to marketing@picturekeeper.com. Share your photos on social media by tagging us and hashtag #myfavoritephoto!