Mobile Backup Made Simple

Let us find and save your photos.

Backup photos, videos, and contacts from your smart phone or tablet directly to a Picture Keeper Connect.

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Mobile Backup made simple
Let us find and save your photos. Get Started Today!
So Simple
Just download the app, create your free account, and start backing up your mobile photos, videos and contacts with Picture Keeper Connect!
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Smart Backups
Built in intelligence. Keeps track of pictures that have already been backed up, avoiding duplicates on subsequent backups.
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Protect On-The-Go
Backup your photos on your smartphone, and download them onto your computer when you get home.
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Free Up Space
Get your photos, videos and contacts off of your phone and onto your computer – freeing up space for more memories!

Simple Photo Backup

With the Picture Keeper Connect App you can backup your photos videos and contacts. Download your password protected backup onto your computer at your convenience. Perfect for backing up those photos from your weekend getaway, or simply creating a backup of your device just in case!

Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows® & Mac® *

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Watch how simple backing up can be!

Getting Started

1. Download the App & Create your FREE account.
2. Plug in your Picture Keeper Connect to your device.
3. Then simply click "Start Backup!"

Initial backup will save all photos, videos and contacts. Future backups only save newly added files. Never worry about wasted space or duplicate files!

Download from the App Store Download from the Google Play Store

Ready to start protecting your memories and making room for more?

Get a Picture Keeper Connect drive that plugs DIRECTLY into your smartphone or tablet.

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* Mobile Requirements: Android OTG-Compatible devices and iOS 6 and newer devices. For a complete list of compatible mobile devices go to Desktop Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, MAC OS 10.5 (and newer) computers.