Picture Keeper 4 GB

Holds an average of 2,000 photos Be the first to review this product

How do you backup your photos? Where do you begin? Do you ever find yourself wondering… where are all of my pictures on the computer? Picture Keeper is your easy photo backup solution!

Get started with the PK 4!
The PK 4 is PERFECT for someone who has never backed up before. Let the PK 4 do all of the guesswork for you. Picture Keeper truly is the easy photo backup SOLUTION. The PK 4 holds an average 2,000 photos! It is perfect for backing up big events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations and more!

The PK 4 comes loaded with the Picture Keeper software: Just click ‘Start Backup’ and watch Picture Keeper do all of the work for you! Automatically finds and saves photos from your computer while skipping duplicates. Did your PK 4 run out of space? Just plug in another! Picture Keeper picks up where the last one left off!

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