Picture Keeper 16 GB

Are you backing up your photos? If not, your precious memories are vulnerable. The list of ways image files can be destroyed, lost, or accidently deleted is long and alarming. Most backup programs are time-consuming, complicated affairs, however, so many people avoid them, trusting to luck their memories won’t be lost to theft, power surges, or damage to devices or computers.

You need a simple, powerful backup solution, and Picture Keeper 16GB delivers.

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Picture Keeper is the perfect solution for anyone who has never backed up photos. All you need to do is plug the Picture Keeper into your computer’s USB port and select “Start Backup” when the preloaded software opens. Picture Keeper takes care of the rest, searching for and backing up all photo files while you watch.

Picture Keeper 16GB is perfect for:

  • Transferring files to new computers

  • Freeing up storage on existing computers

  • Using to quickly backup and share photos from weddings, graduations, and other events

  • Backing up vacation photos without an internet connection

  • Long-term storage of precious memories.

What About Duplicates?

With Picture Keeper 16GB, you never need to worry about backing up duplicate files. The software saves all photos on the first backup. On every backup after that, Picture Keeper only looks for new files, ignoring photos already safely stored.

How Many Photos Can 16GB Store?

The short answer is plenty! More accurately, storage depends on each photo’s file size, which is determined by its megapixels. For Jpeg photos taken at 22 megapixels, 16GB can store over 2,000 photos. If your device takes 10-megapixel Jpeg photos, you’ll be able to store over 4,500 photos.

If you do run out of room on your Picture Keeper, the solution is easy. Simply add a second Picture Keeper. The onboard software will pick up exactly where the previous Picture Keeper ended, with no duplications.

The Picture Keeper 16GB Advantage

  • Easy to transport, easy to store

  • No monthly fees

  • Simple, automated backup system

  • No online connection needed

  • No passwords to remember

  • Preinstalled software.