Picture Keeper Connect 16 GB

No-Fuss Backup for Apple and Android Devices and Tablets

Backing up files, photos, and videos from your tablet or smartphone should be easy. If it isn’t, people often don’t backup at all, filling their device’s memory and increasing the risk they’ll lose precious memories due to device loss, damage, or theft.

Picture Keeper Connect 16GB offers a hassle-free way to quickly backup your Android device’s files without the need for an internet connection. Simply plug the Picture Keeper Connect compact USB drive into the wireless device’s charging port, launch the Picture Keeper Connect app, and click on Start Backup. The app backups up all device photos, videos and contact information while ignoring duplicates from earlier backups.

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The Picture Keeper Connect app offers other features in addition to a secure, easy back up, allowing you to:

  • Create custom gifts and photo prints directly from the drive for wonderful birthday and holiday gifts!

  • Connect stored contacts and phone numbers immediately by plugging Picture Keeper Connect into any phone or smart device.

  • View files on other people’s phones.

  • Share photos from your phone or computer.

  • View, select, backup, and delete single items or entire albums from either your phone or the USB drive.

More Space? No Problem!

If you fill the Picture Keeper Connect’s 16 GB of memory, simply purchase a new one—the app automatically picks up where the older drive left off, without duplicating files. In addition to 16GB, Picture Keeper Connect offers 32 and 64GB of storage, so you always have room to expand your backup capabilities.

The Many Benefits of Picture Keeper Connect

  • Access content anywhere, anytime

  • Backup photos and free up device memory without an internet connection

  • Easily transfer files to new devices

  • Easily upgrade to additional storage

  • Keep all important files, photos, and videos in one secure location

  • Plug-and-play functionality.

What Size Do I Need?

Not sure what size device you need? Don’t worry! Our easy estimator tool will assist in choosing a Picture Keeper that will work for your photo library.

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